Chesline Pierre-Paul

Special guest

A life, language and creativity coach, they look to ways to decolonize, co-create, deconstruct, and challenge the ways we learn, grow, and hold space as agents of culture and of self-creation. Fluent in 5 languages without ever having traveled, they look to self-disruptive inconspicuous ways of developing fluency & literacy through creation, innovation, and micro-focused action-driven steps.
Currently working on their digital creation-research MA project on transracial oral Indigenous cultures, language is the gateway drug to how they do, live, and create agency through language. Everything they do is human-centered, actionable, and decolonial in spirit. How to quintessentially decolonize education/language coaching? How to bring holism into that reality? How to create safe-r spaces of r/evolution? How to use disruption and transdisciplinary thinking in language coaching? As a coach and member of the DPPH collective, they share their insights on all of the above.

Chesline Pierre-Paul has been a guest on 2 episodes.