Gabriela Simmons

Special guest

Gaby is a German/Peruvian now living in Hong Kong. She is the Founder of TimTimTom Books. a tech start-up offering dual language customized books for kids. She speaks Spanish, English and German fluently and tries her luck at French, Italian, Portuguese and Mandarin. She is crazy about languages and children's books and has her then 3-year old's blunt judgment of her horrible on-the-fly-translation skills (her words, not ours) to thank for the motivation to create TimTimTom Books. TimTimTom's goal is to motivate kids to enjoy reading, even in their not so strong language. TimTimTom Books has been featured in El Mundo, one of Spain’s leading newspapers, as one of the top 10 most original presents for kids. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, a majority of Gaby’s career was focused in Advertising working for BBDO in Duesseldorf, AMV/BBDO in London, BBDO/Tiempo in Barcelona/Madrid and Avenue Advertising in Frankfurt. Gaby holds a B.S. from Cornell University, USA and an MBA from INSEAD, France

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