Episode 155

Find Yourself a Language Avatar to Step into Fluency


October 7th, 2019

32 mins 59 secs

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About this Episode

You're leveling up in courses, going from A2 to C1 quickly...but stalling in real life. What gives?

This week's podcast covers a question from Maria, a talented language learner who has found herself stuck after moving to Germany. She says:

I am fluent in English, or at least my Cambridge Certificate says so, I've been studying to a certain level Spanish and Turkish, but I cannot achieve the desirable level in German language. I've moved to Germany a bit over two years ago after marrying my German husband and I quickly jumped from the A2 course to B1 to C1, got my Test DaF Certificate with maximum points and I even have some professional situations where I speak German but I am not fluent

What can Maria do to start feeling more comfortable with German?

Listen to the show to hear my discussion, including tips for

  • Learning a partner's language within a couple
  • Getting extensive input from the right places
  • Finding your language avatar
  • Having your own langauge retreat when you're an expat

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