Episode 37

Language Learning is Too Hard and Inconvenient (That's NO EXCUSE)


February 28th, 2016

55 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

The first 20 minutes of this episodes are a lot of feedback and catch-up and shout outs to our readers, including:

  • Progress reports of how Lindsay and I have both been using our sponsor app HelloTalk. It's a free app for all smartphones and puts you in touch with speakers of 130 different languages, so go ahead and download it. Thank you HelloTalk for making our show possible.
  • Important questions about how to pronounce the words of the Messiah by Händel (the KANYE of his day), leading to the question of identity and why learning a language will never stop you from being the foreigner. Super interesting conversation about how languages can expand who you are, but they don't change it.

Language Learning is Too Hard and Inconvenient

After feedback and wonderful reviews from you listeners, Lindsay and I went hardcore on all the many reasons why people tell us they can't learn a language. Listen to the show to find out all about how to respond to the following arguments:

  • "It's confusing, and so much harder now that I'm an adult."
  • "I've not got the brain or memory for it."
  • "Everyone else is learning English, why should I bother?"
  • "It's HARD!!!"

Links and Tips from This Episode

Languages spoken badly this episode: Korean, Welsh, Spanish