Episode 50

Mastery and Advanced Level Language Learning


July 31st, 2016

1 hr 3 mins 24 secs

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About this Episode

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When you reach the higher language levels, it's not enough to just study. How does it feel to reach a level where you are looking for ways to go beyond fluency? How can you move towards mastery?

There's no Lindsay in this episode (don't worry, she'll be back very soon!), so I found myself two experts who know what they are talking about:

  • Tristan Foy, an American polyglot who's currently my advanced German student


The episode is full of tips and strategies for reaching the very advanced levels and getting better even after years of study.

Check out the full blog post and show notes for this article at www.fluentlanguage.co.uk/blog/podcast-advanced-language

Key Points:

  • It's Not About Fast Progress
  • Advanced Level Means Finding "More" In The Language

"Learning a language is a bit like hugging a cactus - you can never get entirely comfortable"

  • It Takes Work To Progress

Enjoy the journey, stop for a breather whenever you feel like it and keep going.

  • Fluency - No One Cares!

Tristan sums this up with a wonderful sentence: Don't worry about getting fluent. Worry about getting better.

  • You Need Humility