Episode 73

"Ultramarathon for the Brain" (Bilingual Podcast with Judith Meyer)


January 15th, 2018

56 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

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German Learners: Click this link to download a full transcript (bilingual) of our conversation, so you can listen and read along at the same time.

Judith Meyer is well-known in the language learning world for co-founding the Polyglot Gathering event and writing several language books and courses. She's consulted by many and freely shares her own tips and experiences from learning over 14 languages.

We covered a lot of ground and as a language learner you will be delighted to hear her excellent advice.

One Thing You Need to Know About This Episode

This is a bilingual podcast.

Judith and I are both Germans who speak a lot of English in our daily lives and even in our off-mic conversations we regularly switch between German and English.

If you are not an experienced German learner, there will be some parts of the podcast that you don’t understand. But like all language learners, you’re not alone in that feeling. Try to stay with us, trust that we will come back to English again and again, and challenge yourself to become comfortable with not understanding everything.

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