Episode 9

Lost in Translation, the 80/20 Rule and French Grammar


September 26th, 2014

44 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

Welcome to episode 7 of the Creative Language Learning Podcast with Kerstin Hammes! In today's episode, I'll be sharing a news article about getting lost in translation, an interview with yours truly and a great announcement about the first Fluent Meetup in London!

My interviewer for this episode was John Colley, a business strategist with his own Online Learning Podcast.

Rushing to competency with the 80/20 rule is fine for Tim Ferriss, but maybe I prefer a stroll.

In today's interview and podcast, John asked me about:

  • What the Number One Mistake is that language learners make before they even get started
  • How to create and maintain a good online course
  • Why the 80/20 rule an help you rush through languages
  • How to learn vocabulary quickly and easily, without the boredom

Important Links for Episode

Our Meetup in London - Please RSVP NOW

Eleven Years Lost in Translation on Medium.com

The Online Learning Podcast

The Complete French Grammar for Beginners - Level A1 as a special offer for just $49!