Nicky Roberts

Special guest

Nicky is a Technical Architect in his real life with a penchant for languages and language learning the rest of the time. Born as a native English speaker, Nicky is currently a speaker of nine languages to varying levels with Welsh being his preferred day to day language and the language he feels most comfortable speaking,

Nicky runs a successful YouTube channel under the name "Nicky Sydd Yma", a Welsh title which roughly translates to "Nicky Is Here" in English. He started his channel in 2016 as a way of documenting his journey of learning the Welsh language, his resulting move to Aberystwyth in order to gain more exposure to the language and as the channel and his fluency in the language grew, it quickly became a channel where Nicky actually started to teach Welsh rather than learning it. "Nicky Sydd Yma" is not just for Welsh learners though, as Nicky also makes videos in English, French and Swedish on a fairly regular basis.

Nicky has recently written a book for Welsh language learners and also runs a popular Welsh language podcast "Mynd am beint gyda" which is presented through the medium of Welsh with a variety of guests who talk about all manner of things Wales, Welsh and the World. Over the last six months Nicky has started tutoring the Welsh language and helping Welsh learners make the same journey he once undertook and has been in high demand since starting tutoring.

Aside from these, Nicky also runs a website that aims to help people and businesses start using their Welsh more. If not already busy enough, Nicky is currently about two thirds of the way through a part time degree in French with the Open University!

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