Episode 122

Bilingual Podcast! The Biggest African Languages / Les Plus Grandes Langues d'Afrique [with Khady Ndoye]


February 4th, 2019

56 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

This Podcast Episode Is Bilingual: French and English

Khady comes from a bilingual family and grew up speaking Wolof and French. And as such, we will be speaking French during some parts of the episode. And my French is far from perfect, so trust that I'm doing mon mieux.

If you are not an experienced French learner, there will be some parts of the podcast that you don’t understand. But like all language learners, you’re not alone in that feeling.

I always remember what the lovely Ron Gullekson said: “I want to get used to feeling uncomfortable.” So fear not, trust that we will come back to English again and again, and the interview will still be interesting for you.

Let's Talk About African Languages

If your language bucket list is longer than you'd like...you're going to HATE this episode 😛

There are over 2000 African languages, and most people don't know about their existence. There is a huge dominance of European languages, even on the continent itself, but learning African languages is more valuable than ever.

Par Spiridon Ion CepleanuTravail personnel, CC BY-SA 3.0, Lien

In today's episode, my guest Khady Ndoye will tell you more about

  • the most widely spoken languages of Africa, such as..
    • Swahili
    • Hausa
    • Yoruba
    • Igbo
    • Oromo
    • Zulu
    • Lingala
    • ...and yes...Arabic!
  • why African languages are a great choice for any polyglot
  • how you can go about learning one of these languages
  • why it won't work to just say "oh, I'd like to learn an African language"
  • Khady's a African music and TV recommendations!

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