Episode 130

5 Steps for Creating Your Language Habit


April 1st, 2019

32 mins 59 secs

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Thank you to Bonnie Z for this episode introduction.

Today’s question comes from Elizabeth - here's a summary of what she's asking:

I am attempting to learn Japanese. I’m trying out different methods in order to establish a routine that works best for me. This is starting to frustrate me because I feel like I am going in circles without making any real progress in the language.

I absolutely love Japan, and so I’m trying hard to stay motivated and keep going, but the lack of progress is starting to zap my enthusiasm.

Is this type of “wheel spinning” typical when you are a first time, self-directed language learner?


You’re taking your first baby steps into indie learning and choosing what is right for you, and that’s just super strong and amazing.

In today’s episode, I’ll take the opportunity to talk you through a few key steps as I teach them in the Language Habit Toolkit, my all-in-one package to help you create a great language learning routine.

The idea of this language HABIT is so important because of what a good habit signifies.

5 Steps To Establishing Your Language Learning Habit

Assess your resources - are they right?

You want a guiding resource, some input resources, and a few reference materials.
Learn more about this in my blog article "No More Hoarding!".

Aim for higher levels of COMFORT not skill

Work with the right goals

There are two types of goals you need for language learning:
Vision Goals and Path Goals

Track what you do

If your goal is the habit, progress is coming closer to the language being an absolutely irremovable part of your life. Progress isn’t always about knowing one more word of vocabulary, but instead about one tiny little degree of comfort.

My most basic check-in is the “daily contact”, keeping me feeling accomplished even on super busy days.

Review Regularly

This is where we find out what’s real and what’s not, and that means whether you are actually spinning your wheels. The key is to answer questions like

  • What went well, what didn’t go well
  • Was there any surprise
  • What do I want to do next
  • Where am I in relation to my goals

TRUST IN YOURSELF you’re doing an awesome job Elizabeth!!

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