Episode 150

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September 2nd, 2019

59 mins 42 secs

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About this Episode

Hooray, it's conference time! In today's episode I'll bring you a mix of language learning goodies straight from Montréal, Canada. You'll hear

  • What a language conference is all about
  • Poetry, written on the spot by language learners
  • A drinking song in a minority language you may have never heard of
  • Language learning tips from an 8-year old who speaks four languages
  • And how you can make the most out of attending these language events!

As a podcaster bonus, I've also added reflections on Podcast Movement 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

Which Language Events are Coming Up?

Here's a list of the next language learning events for your diary:

  • Polyglot Conference in Fukuoka, Japan, in October 2019
  • Women in Language in March 2020
  • Polyglot Cruise sailing from Barcelona, Spain, that’s in April 2020
  • Polyglot Gathering in Terezin, Poland, that’s in May 2020

All links below!

And Here Are a Few of Your Poems!

Paglalakad sa Montreal

This poem was written by Lance Gough during our workshop Creative Writing, Public Speaking, and Performance

Naglalakad ako sa mga kalye ng lungsod

Hindi ako tumitingin sa iba pang tao
Mag-áakalá yata ang mga babae na nanonood ako sa kanila
Mag-áakalá yata ang mga lalaki na gusto kong makipag-away sa kanila
Sa wakas, tumítíngalá ako, sa mga tao
Ayos! Walang sinuman ay tumitingin naman sa akin

Nagsasalita sila sa mga smart phone nila
Tumitingin din sila sa mga relo nila
Nanonood din sila sa bangketa sa ilalim ng paa.
Pero, walang sinuman ay tumitingin sa iba pang tao.
Iniisip lang silang lahat sa sariling buhay nila.

Translation Walking in Montréal

I’m walking on the city streets
Not looking at anyone else.
Women might think I’m looking at them!
Men might think I want to fight!
But finally, I look up at the people
Wow! No one is looking back at me.

They’re talking on their smart phones,
They're also looking at their watches,
They’re also watching the sidewalk under foot.
But, nobody is looking at anyone else.
They’re all only thinking of their own lives.

Carol's Poem in French

Les gens heureux rirent
Ils partagents les histoires bilingues
Je' peux pas parler

Jonathan's Visual Poem

Jonathan's Visual Poem

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