Episode 169

Should You Learn Similar Languages Together?


February 3rd, 2020

26 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

In this podcast episode, I explain how to use similar languages and language families to get a head start in your multilingual life.

If you've ever wondered how to work out which languages belong to the same family, or how to decide if you should learn related languages as a group, listen in as I go through linguistics and geopolitics to work out how to make your learning life easier.

I'll tell you about the power of intercomprehension, and how it can serve you in language learning.

In this episode:

  • How to work out if 2 languages are related
  • How to use Glottolog and Omniglot to discover the linguistic relations for any language
  • Which language family is the biggest on Earth
  • Why there's more than just linguistics at play when you consider related languages
  • Why you should study similar languages together
  • Why you might not decide to learn similar languages together after all!

Plus of course lots of handy tips and hidden errors to amuse you.

Thank you to Gosia for this episode introduction.

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