Episode 175

Brilliant Tips for Remembering More Vocabulary


March 16th, 2020

31 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

Word of the day: Hamsterkaufen - to hoard or panic buy. 🐹

Listener Elizabeth asks for advice about what to do when she remembers words in her target language on one day, but finds that they've disappeared the next day. It's a dilemma: Should she review and get the information perfect before moving on? Or just stick with the programme and hope that things will stick eventually?

This show contains plenty of great ideas and tips about digital flashcard systems, vocabulary learning, and how memory works when it comes to vocabulary learning and boosting your memory for keeping vocabulary in your mind longer.

If you want to take your vocab further and build yourself this effective system for getting better at remembering vocabulary using the three steps I’ve described in this podcast, check out my course Your Solid Vocab Memory.

Thank you to Kris Broholm for this episode introduction. Kris is the host of the Actual Fluency podcast.

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