Episode 177

Where and How to Start Teaching Online


March 30th, 2020

35 mins 36 secs

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Hot Potato News: Scottish Gaelic

Learn about the true pronunciation of this language's name, and why it's important to get it right.

Where and How to Start Teaching Online

It’s a great time to start offering online lessons because

  • Life has just moved online
  • Your school or in-person tutoring may just have been cancelled
  • You can connect with people around the world, and right now that’s even more rewarding and exciting than usual

In fact, any time is a great time because working as an online language teacher

  • Allows you to work location independently - as long as you can use your computer and have safe wifi, you’re ready to go
  • You’re independent to work the hours that suit YOU
  • Is a great stepping stone and teaches you endless things about being a good leader

If all that sounds like your kind of party, then listen to this week's episode in detail for 5 killer questions that will help you think about online teaching in a professional way.

Recommended Teaching Resources

I have 3 offers that will support you even further as you build an online teaching income:

  • Online Live Lessons course - if you’re brand new, this is a good starting point and covers all the basics of where to teach, how to do contracts and get paid
  • The Email Set for Teachers - nail every step of the booking process so you can weed out the time wasters and get paid securely
  • Teach & Thrive - this is a membership community with monthly masterclasses for online teachers. Get the first month of your membership for a $10 trial price

Thank you to Gosia for this episode's introduction in Polish.

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