Episode 178

The Best Books About Language Learning & Linguistics


April 6th, 2020

1 hr 50 secs

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About this Episode

Lindsay is back on the Fluent Show today and we're talking about the best books about languages and linguistics.

*NOTE: The Fluent Show is now on a podcast break until 6 May, but you can catch up with mini episodes of "Fluent in Isolation" at Patreon.com

We discussed the following books - all linked below on amazon.com and on hive.co.uk.

Popular Science

  • David Crystal’s ANYTHING, out of which we discussed
    • Encyclopedia of Language
    • You say Potato
    • Spell it out
  • Becoming Fluent by Roger Kreuz and Richard Roberts
  • Lingo and Babel by Gaston Dorren
  • Because Internet by Gretchen McCulloch

Academic Books

  • Teaching and Researching: Motivation by Zóltan Dörnyei and Ema Ushioda
  • An Introduction to Foreign Language Learning and Teaching by Keith Johnson


  • Tingo by Adam Jacot de Boinot
  • Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner
  • How to Speak Any Language Fluently by Alex Rawlings
  • Fluent in 3 Months by Benny Lewis
  • PLUG: [Oh hey, I wrote some too!](www.fluentlanguage.co.uk/boxset)

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