Episode 200

Episode 200 Party Live Stream πŸŽ‚


October 16th, 2020

1 hr 42 mins 49 secs

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About this Episode

We've done it! Welcome to episode 200 of the Fluent Show podcast with plenty of quizzing and jingles! This episode was broadcast live on 16 October 2020 with awesome participation from our live chatroom and bonus quiz questions from Sarah L, and Megan, the host of Oh No! Lit Class.

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We had ALL THE QUIZ questions, including the following:

  • Episode 25 (Lindsay Dow) saw the emergence of one of Kerstin's book-related pet peeves..which one is it?
  • Episode 28 (Shannon Kennedy): In this episode, Shannon admitted to being an extreme , which is why she doesn't find it lonely to learn languages by herself.
  • Episode 73 (Ultramarathon for the Brain): This episode is a part of Fluent Show history as the first ever bilingual show, in German and English. Who was the guest?
  • Episode 136 (Paul Kaye): Paul Kaye is a professional translator who used to be a journalist. He applied with an Eastern European language. Which one is it?
  • Episode 145 (Indigenous Languages): Which glorious pop star referred to English as little tongue, sparking a discussion for this episode?
  • Episode 150 (Langfest 2019): This episode featured a drinking song in which very small European language?
  • Episode 158 (David Peterson): Which important distinction did David need to work out before he could record the Dothraki intro to the Fluent Show?

some explicit words are included in this one, but all in the context of fun and education!

Thank you to LINDSAY for introducing this episode of the Fluent Show!

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