Episode 211

No Stress: A Stress Awareness Special 😌


April 19th, 2021

29 mins 5 secs

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About this Episode

Welcome to our second season of the year. In the coming bunch of episodes, I am going to focus on different stories and aspects related to teaching languages and teaching online.

For today though, it's time to discuss something close to my heart: Stress! 😖

It's Stress Awareness Month in the UK and today I wanted to share my story and bring you helpful tips that can completely change your life. Whether you teach or learn languages, today's episode is going to help you figure out the struggles of stress.

Important steps for reducing stress anywhere in your life

The following tips are from mind.org.uk, a wonderful charity:

  • Make some lifestyle changes such as
    • Working on your assertiveness so you can feel confident saying no when people add pressure
    • Developing your hobbies and interests - as language lovers you're miles ahead
    • Adding in relaxation techniques and relaxing activities like yoga, meditation, creative activities, engagement in nature and music...er and podcasts? podcast walks!
    • Limit your tech consumption - have an evening off from social media now and then
  • Look after your physical health, this is the classics of sleep, exercise and healthy food
  • Make sure you have a good support network through friends and family, workplace support (I found my union invaluable), your doctor if needed

The Importance of Taking a Break

  • As a language teacher, self-employed worker, I sometimes struggle with my boss - my boss being me. I have to make sure that the standards I set myself are fair. I had to learn to take breaks so that I can create better work.
  • As a language learner, I'm very laid back but I often see others who worry that a break means stopping and being unable to pick things back up. Whether it's pressure from an app, a teacher, or your Insta feed, make sure you know that breaks are not endings.

How will you use these tips?

Thank you to Jon for this episode introduction.

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