Episode 215

The Best Song in Europe: We 💜 Eurovision


May 17th, 2021

1 hr 15 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

Many cultural highlights were lost in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. One that's particularly close to our hearts here at the Fluent Show was the Eurovision Song Contest.

One year on, the event is back ON and Lindsay and I meet to bring you a colourful podcast episode celebrating all the magical things about the Eurovision Song Contest.


1) The history of Eurovision and of singing non-English songs

2) A preview of what's on this year

3) What we love about Eurovision - from a language learner's perspective and a wider perspective

4) Ideas for using Eurovision as a talking point for lessons/exchanges

5) Our Fluent Show Eurovision QUIZ

--> See you at #EuroLangParty on Twitter!

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