Episode 24

Why your Language Learning Goal Sucks and What to Do About it

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In this short solo episode, Kerstin announces the launch of her brand new German pronunciation course. It's been something long anticipated and it's finally here.

Check out Speak German like a Native today to get the special podcast deal and learn how to speak German with your best accent ever.

You also get a special appearance from slightly angry Kerstin to learn home truths about goal setting.

If your current language learning goal is "fluency" or "a 15 minute conversation", then you need to listen to this episode.

5 Steps to Help you Set Better Goals

  1. List out Specific Steps using the 5 Ws

  2. Write down those Goals

  3. Work with Tangible Tasks, not Time Chunks

  4. Start Small - Halve your Current Goal

  5. Get an Accountability Partner

It's important to follow these rules, particularly the first one. Don't be overambitious, instead be specific and accountable. That's the way to achieve goals regularly and be rewarded every time.

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