Episode 30

Inside the #Add1Challenge with Brian Kwong


November 22nd, 2015

55 mins 24 secs

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About this Episode

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In this episode, Lindsay went out and discovered the world of Brian Kwong, creator of the #add1challenge. Brian has studied 5 languages and created one of the most successful trends in the polyglot world.

Listen to hear more about how it all works inside the challenge:

  • How the Study Groups and Mastermind Groups work
  • Which schools approach turns out to be a rocking technique
  • How the challenge changed for Brian as he took it again
  • How Lindsay once saves a Chinese tourist’s world!

Brian also gives us a hint as to what the future holds for the Add1Challenge!

Word of the Week:

An English word that Lindsay was struggling with ;)

tout Pronounced taʊt

A person who sells or endorses tickets, accommodation or taxis, often in the street or public places.

Links from the Show:

Tips of the Week

As always, our guest was hugely impressed with our selection of tips. Brian chose tip 3 as his favourite, because it’s the one way you’re guaranteed to build sentences.

  1. Slow down YouTube videos: Click the cog in bottom right hand corner of video, click speed, and slow down or speed up.
  2. Use Snapchat: Record multilingual clips throughout the day and they’re only there for 24 hours, no comments, no pressure on mistakes!
  3. Find a study buddy to text: Use HelloTalk, Tandem, MeetUp, Facebook groups etc to find a study buddy and start a WhatsApp or iMessage thread where you vouch to only use the language you’re both studying.

Do whatever it takes in this hour so you’ll want to learn another hour tomorrow. (Anthony Lauder)