Episode 32

How to Be Super Efficient (The German Episode) with Michael Schmitz


December 21st, 2015

1 hr 21 secs

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About this Episode

Note the episode contains two mild swearwords!!

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Things get real with Michael Schmitz, creator of the SmarterGerman blog and teaching system. Michael is dedicated to bringing German learners to a high level in just a few months. And he has some frank opinions about what it takes to get there.

If you want to learn about efficient German learning, this is your show. Listen to discover:

  • Why teaching at Berlitz made Michael want to start his own thing
  • Why having fun is way overrated in language learning
  • What efficiency is all about
  • How to become an efficient and productive learner
  • Why a polyglot and a language teacher is not the same thing
  • Why you should never need external motivation to learn German

"Language learners need someone to kick their ass sometimes."

Links From This Show

Tips of the Week

Michael chose tip 1, and added that productivity and efficiency allows for the opportunity to become a creative thinker. Listen to his advice - excellent stuff!

1) Become a More Productive Learner with 12 tips from 5 Minute Language

2) Plan your Imaginary Trip

3) Sing Grammar Songs

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