Episode 3

Episode 1 (as a proper podcast): Business, Careers and Language Skills, with Peter Rodway from Specialist Language Courses


December 13th, 2013

21 mins 46 secs

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About this Episode

We know that learning more about another language and culture is at the heart of success in international business, and also that Britain is way behind the rest of the world.

Business English, Business Chinese, Business German..

In today's interview, you will meet Peter Rodway. He's a co-founder of Specialist Language Courses, an education consultancy and training provider for companies all over the world. Specialist Language Courses focus on bringing language skills to the companies that need them, and in our surprising interview you'll hear more about:

  • How teaching English in Asia got Peter to the job as director of his own company
  • Who in your company decides that it's time to teach you a language
  • Why your company loves you if they are teaching you a language
  • What Peter thinks is the biggest barrier to language learning - and how to fix it
  • What intercultural intelligence means in business (and how it shows with English, German and Japanese people)
  • And most importantly: What are Peter's tips for becoming more employable through your language skills!
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Take Action

Want to show your boss why you or your team should learn a language?

Then please take the initiative and revisit your CV. Putting languages on top of the CV can make a difference to your confidence, your interview and particularly the way your boss sees you so get the news out there. Update your CV today, and show us where you're putting those impressive skills!