Episode 75

How to Learn Several Languages At The Same Time


February 12th, 2018

59 mins 20 secs

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In The News This Week

A deaf woman wanted to attend a pop concert with her young daughter, but had to fight and even sue the company until she was granted a sign language interpreter. Is this fair?

We discuss what 'disability' is, how sign language is very different from other languages in music, and how awesome it is to have interpreter companies in this world.

Make sure you watch the great video showing how signers interpret music.

How to Learn Several Languages at Once

Our show topic this week is all about learning more than one language at the same time. It’s the polyglot dream! Many people, especially polyglots, want to learn as many languages as possible.

But is there enough time?

How the heck do we fit it in?

We discuss advice from polyglots around the internet and compare it with our own life experiences to get to the ultimate tips for learning multiple languages.

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