Episode 100

Live Language Party: Celebrate Our 100th Episode


August 20th, 2018

1 hr 57 mins 11 secs

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About this Episode

Wow wow wow wow, our episode 100 live show was a blast, with busy chatroom and over 80 listeners tuning in live from all around the world. Today's podcast episode is a replay of that live broadcast, featuring five amazing guests.

Long one, but worth it!

  • SHANNON KENNEDY, the musical and multilingual bookworm from California. Shannon is an old friend of the show and never fails to impress with her incredible productivity. Shannon joined us to share her own good, bad and struggling stories.

  • RICHARD SIMCOTT, one of the most multilingual people in Britain and co-organiser of the Polyglot Conference.

  • KYLIE STURGESS, co-host of the all-round wonderful podcast Talk The Talk, philosophy teacher, and experienced radio broadcaster.

  • GABRIEL WYNER, bestselling author, owner of a huge app project which will make us all Fluent Forever, and definitely not a robot.

We pitched Richard, Kylie and Gabriel against each other in Lindsay's fiendish episode 100 quiz - you'll have to listen in to find out who won. Play along - would you have known the answers?

And finally, we played "Conversation Starters" with

  • BENNY LEWIS, the world-famous author of Fluent in 3 Months, Irish person, YouTuber star, "language hacker", and inspiration to language learners around the world.

Thank you all SO much for continuing to listen to the Fluent Show!

"Skype. Sometimes it works."

Plus another thank you to our sponsor Clozemaster, the free language app designed to help you keep up your langauge learning habit with ease.

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