Episode 105

QUIZ! 20 European Languages In 1 Hour For European Day Of Languages


September 24th, 2018

1 hr 23 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

It's the European Day of Languages! Yay!

Here on the show, we love to celebrate this day. 3 years ago, Lindsay and I got together to bring you a HUGE quiz, we’ve made videos, we’ve spoken lots of European languages. We even have a European Day of Languages playlist on Spotify!

And today, this special episode will bring you a quiz with a twist and you can play along.

How To Play

  • Before recording this show, Lindsay and I enrolled an assistant, Josiah who selected a list of 10 European languages for each of us
  • We went away and researched those languages and also found out what they sound like
  • So Lindsay has 10 and I have 10 and we don’t know each others’ lists
  • We’ll now play these languages to each other and to you listeners…and try to guess what they are!

Europe doesn’t just have the obvious languages, so this might get tricky but we’re ready to give it a good go!

Get Language Facts And Resources

These show notes do NOT include the links for all the different languages mentioned on the show, because that would be spoiling the quiz for you.

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