Episode 106

Bored by Duolingo - What Now?


October 1st, 2018

29 mins 14 secs

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Luka asks:

I have been learning Spanish for 3 months. I started learning with Duolingo and was really into it, and recently I have been using a textbook as well but have become really demotivated - not because I give up, because I am bored of duo lingo. I’m tired of the way it’s trying to teach me and I don’t feel like I’m progressing. [..]

My question is, if I’m not using Duolingo, what can I actually do to learn Spanish? I’ve looked everywhere and all the websites have a lot of ‘tips’ but not an actual guide saying things like resources to use etc.

Tips for Dealing with Duolingo boredom - while using Duolingo!

  1. Get on the web version so you can read explanations
  2. Restrict yourself to a few minutes a day - pairing is good here, how about Duolingo while waiting for your kettle to boil or your bus to arrive
  3. Try out a club so you can compete

Beyond Duolingo, the key to stop yourself getting bored and to staying interested in your target language is to take control of your own language routine.

If you want to learn more about this, the Language Habit Toolkit is designed to help you set up exactly this way of thinking and create a solid language learning routine.

For Spanish Learners

You can find my curated list of resources and articles for Spanish learners at www.fluentlanguage.co.uk/for-spanish-learners.

Thank you to Andy for this episode introduction.

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