Episode 136

Frustrated! 🔥 What To Do When You Just Can't


May 27th, 2019

22 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, I am answering a listener question from Leandro.

I'm going through a really hard time on learning languages. I'm a Portuguese native speaker and I'm learning English and French. Most of time I'm really motivated learning English, because I love British 19th century literature and I fancy reading all the books in English. My level is not that bad, I guess.
But, most of time I'm so unmotivated to learn French and keep with my daily studies. Sometimes I get so frutrated I want to burn all my materials of study out.

I have two questions: how to handle with frutration? And how to get better at pronunciation by myself?

Ready to hear my answers? Then tune in!

Leandro's good practices with English:

  1. You have a very clear thing that you love and enjoy in the target language - English 19th century literature
  2. You can picture a goal, a situation that feels possible to you - reading all the books in English
  3. You are feeling fairly confident and you don’t struggle with self doubt - like you say, your level is not so bad. You’re working within the realm of what’s possible, you’re not asking anything impossible from yourself, you are not obsessed with progress, just having a good time.

Before you set fire to your books and possibly other things, know this: IT IS OKAY TO FEEL UNMOTIVATED. IT IS NORMAL.

The most important question you haven’t answered is why do you feel so unmotivated

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Thank you to listener Bonnie for this episode introduction.

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