Episode 159

Learning a Language Through Another Language (Laddering)


November 18th, 2019

30 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

Today I am answering a listener question from Jessica who is an English native speaker, but so advanced in German that she wants to use it to learn a third language, Spanish.

Can you learn a language through another language? Of course!

Here are some advantages:

  • You boost your 2nd language as well as your 3rd - double result!
  • Sometimes you can find much better materials, for example when learning an African language through French (more about this here)
  • You gain a fascinating new perspective on the language you have been learning for many years

Some people say this is a more efficient way to learn, but is that really true? In this episode, I've got some answers and I share my own experiences of language learning in different settings.

Thank you to Sophie for this episode introduction in Thai.

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