Episode 171

Reading on Mobile (+Survey & Clear The List)


February 17th, 2020

35 mins 32 secs

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If you think reading in another language is all about boring dialogues in dusty old books, think again!

This podcast episode will bring the magic of learning by reading right into the palm of your hand. Mobile phones can do everything in this world, so they can also help you learn languages...but not with boring apps and flashcards...why not try a hot romance novel or a thrilling action story instead?

Reading on your mobile

This week's listener question is from Dam, who asks for the best apps to read novels on your phone - even offline!

Here are my top apps - find the links in the shownotes

I'm also sharing tips for reading more by using the news, and for working out which content is perfect for you.

Survey Results & Fluent Show News

In the second half of the episode, I dedicated some time to telling you what's new with the Fluent Show. Listen in to find out

  • more about you, the listeners and which languages you're learning
  • a few thoughts about why I want to keep improving this podcast
  • the tradeoffs...let's find the time and money to make it happen!

Thank you to Leah for this episode introduction.

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