Episode 172

Marc Okrand on Creating the Klingon Language


February 24th, 2020

1 hr 9 mins 6 secs

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"There’s a kinda type of person out there who I hadn’t had a lot of interaction with … called a Star Trek fan"

This week I am excited to bring you an interview with a brilliant linguist: Marc Okrand! Marc Okrand created the dialogue and coached the actors speaking the Klingon language heard in many episodes and movies in the Star Trek franchise. In addition, he devised dialogue in Vulcan, Romulan, Kelpien, and other languages for several Star Trek films and TV series.

In this interview, we discussed

  • the language itself and how it was created
  • what it felt like for Marc to attend the first ever meet-up of Klingon speakers
  • which good learning mindsets actors bring to learning a new language

‘These people have become family. These people have become friends’

I met Marc Okrand at Langfest in Montreal

Thank you to Marc for this episode introduction.

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