Episode 220

Top Tools: Online Language Teacher Edition


June 21st, 2021

1 hr 21 secs

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About this Episode

Welcome to a special edition of the Fluent Show favourite top tools segment, and this time we're discussing the most useful online tools and tricks for language teachers.

If you're familiar with Top Tools, you might know we try to leave out the most obvious ones and go straight to the practical tools that you might never have heard of. But with this being a first special edition for teachers, allow us to introduce each tool in the context of its wider theory.

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Here are the Top Tool nominations

Listen to the show to find out which ones we chose as the three must-haves.

  1. TidyCal, an online scheduler you can use to cut out going back and forth on emails while you try to schedule lessons and appointments with your students.
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  2. ThriveCart, a payment gateway that allows you to sell anything you like, set up memberships, add students to your courses and more
    Get to know Thrivecart (affiliate link)

  3. ConvertKit, an email newsletter software that allows you to create sign-up forms, send out branded email to lots of people, and grow your audience.
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  4. Zoom breakout rooms, where you can easily organise group work, networking, chat meet-ups, language practice, language exchanges and more.
    Lindsay's video on Zoom for online teaching

  5. Zapier, the workflow "middleman" between all the different services you use online. Zapier can do SO MUCH. For example, save student assignment files into cloud storage, upload notes to course areas, add new bookings through your booking system to your email list, get a text when an appointment is about to start, back up your social media posts...there's a lot on offer!
    Look at what Zapier can do here

  6. Canva, the web and app based design solution for any quick graphics you need. From your logo to your next workbook, Canva has you covered.
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