Episode 221

Elle Charisse: Escape from New York


October 4th, 2021

56 mins 55 secs

Your Host
Special Guest

About this Episode

Elle Charisse is a language podcaster (she hosts Speaking Tongues), language lover, and foodie. She's a New York woman through and through!

We discuss

  • why and how life in New York is different from the movie version we're often sold
  • how to engage with New York's wealth of languages and native speakers respectfully
  • what a "woman of the world" is and who the most glamorous woman in Elle's life is
  • how reading books, learning languages, and eating food from other places all gives us that happy escapist buzz

If you want to hear more episodes with a fantastic New York woman, check out my previous guest Ellen Jovin. Click here to see more about Ellen

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