Episode 186

Revisiting Duolingo


June 29th, 2020

1 hr 5 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

After a ridiculous change of topic from ✊🏾 to 🍷 and a discussion of what's new in emoji world, Lindsay and I go back to the deep, deep well that is talking about Duolingo!
We both have the apps on our phones and we use Duolingo in different ways. How do you use yours?

We Shared These Tips for Getting More Out of Duolingo

  • Use the "Practice" button to get unlimited hearts and review what you've learnt before
  • Write down sentences from Duolingo lessons in your notebook to practice in a new environment
  • Make sure you read the "Tips" for handy explanations that give you helpful context
  • Instead of letting the course lead you, use its "Test Out" feature to check in on your learning progress
  • Check out the Duolingo Stories to use your target language
  • Always use the Streak Freeze and Double or Nothing features to boost your little Duolingo gems
  • Add friends on Duolingo (I'm kerstin_fluent)
  • Switch your source language to access even more courses in unusual languages, such as Guarani and Catalan through Spanish
  • Check the forums for questions & use the vocab lists (great link below)
  • Go to the meet-ups to meet fellow Duolingo fans
  • Read the Duolingo blog for interesting stats

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