A Statement About Racism


June 6th, 2020

6 mins 6 secs

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I really want to say "this goes without saying" about many of the things I'm saying to you today. But maybe it does not.

Racism is not welcome here.

Thank you for listening to today's episode.

And as maker of the Fluent Show, I can also tell you that every person who works on the team stands behind this message. Please read Lindsay's very well-written perspective here.

Here are 4 wonderful Fluent Show guests who have represented the voices of black language learners.

Please read more about them and how impressive they are. There are TWO bilingual interviews in here:

👍🏾 https://www.fluent.show/guests/nicole - Nicole Miles
👍🏿 https://www.fluent.show/guests/khady - Khady Ndoye (bilingual episode French/English)
👍🏽 https://www.fluent.show/guests/shahidah - Ann Shahidah (bilingual episode German/English)
👍🏼 https://www.fluent.show/guests/chenelle Chenelle Patrice Hancock

I'm proud that they came and spent time with me on the show. I know my work isn't done and I'll continue to make it a priority to invite guests from ALL backgrounds.

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