Episode 233

What Women in Language Will Bring You in 2022


February 21st, 2022

34 mins 42 secs

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About this Episode

Women in Language is an online event filled with talks presentations from female language experts who have done amazing things and documented their journey.

The conference is open to everyone, and it's organised by Kerstin, Lindsay and Shannon. In this episode, I've got 10 speakers from the conference sharing exactly why they love this event and what they'll be bringing you this year. Make sure you get your $29 ticket at www.womeninlanguage.com today!

You will hear from

  • Jessica Kumar on privilege in linguistics
  • Irene Cangi on reaching higher language levels of Italian
  • Lauren Williams introducing AAC - what is it, why do you need it? She has the answers!
  • Mariana Favila-Alcala and Belen Nuñez on why feminism matters in the language industry
  • Sara Holmes on how to teach your baby American sign language
  • Abigail Fulbrook on taboos in the language classroom
  • Marjolein Benschop on her talk about learning when you are multipassionate
  • Vickie Kelty and Laia Moret on why they're going to bring some games to the event

Get the full speaker line-up at www.womeninlanguage.com

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